Design Concept

The campus building has been constructed in vertical shape in separate blocks of Administration, Academy, Laboratory, Auditorium, Recreational facilities, canteen, residential building separately for boys and girls and faculty. It would be the endeavor to develop green landscape in and around building so as to provide peaceful and cool look to the architecture. The site development would be done according to design and building plan approved by the appropriate authority. The management would emphasize in organized development of roads, streetlight, sewer system, garbage disposal and providing source area at needed place so as to keep in mind of sanitation requirements.

Building and Facilities in the Campus

The institutional area and hostel facilities is the key factor before management in the initial year, the management would construct buildings as per requirements of AICTE. In the following years. The addition to different buildings would be done as per increase in strength of students. It would be effort of management to establish the building and site development within the time schedule as envisaged by the management. The other facilities like library, laboratory, auditorium, gymnasium, indoor sports facility, outdoor sport space etc. would be simultaneously developed. Before developing any facility the aspect of convenience, safety and utility of the facilities would be give due consideration.