Governing Body

The board of governors of the institute consist of the experts in various fields like Engineering, Architecture, Administration, Financial Management, Marketing and personal Management. The academic decisions would be taken by the board in consultation with faculty heads and administrative decisions would be taken collectively by the board in the in the interest of the institute and conducive to well being of students. The decision-making would be very objective, goal oriented practical and transparent. The targets would be set of every macro level objective of the institute and its implementation would be periodically reviewed at micro level. Suitable opportunity could be given to every aggrieved party before making decision about him/her as per law of natural justice.

Board of Governors

S.No. Name Title Trust Representative/Nominee
1. Sri Anil Kumar Agarwal Chairman Trust Representative
2. Sri Kishan Kumar Agarwal Vice Chairman Trust Representative
3. Sri Shivam Agarwal Member Trust Representative
4. Sri Anshul Agarwal Member Trust Representative
5. Dr. N. K. Mishra Member An educationist nominated by the trust
6. Sri. B.P. Agarwal Member An Indus list nominated by the trust
7. Regional Officer AICTE Member AICTE Nominee
8. Director of Technical Education Member State Government Nominee
9. Deputy Director of Technical Education Member Affiliating Body Nominee
10. Sri B. B. Singh Member Educationist
11. Principle of Institution Member Secretary Nominated by the trust