Chairman’s Word
A. K. Agarwal

The aim of modern higher technical education as envisaged by renowned educationists is to facilitate the student’s master the entire gamut of skills required of a successful professional.
The role of such centers of excellence that abide by this basic principle is far reaching. They not only fulfill the career aspirations of the students but also fuel the needs of regional and national development. RRIMP has emerged as an oasis of modern technical education in U.P. It has taken the onerous responsibility of providing quality and meaningful education.
Globalization and fast changing technologies integrated with modern managerial procedures have added new dimension to the method and scope of professional and technical learning. RRIMP has taken cognizance to these new challenges. We have girded up our loins for making a world class institution ably assisted by a team of erudite faculty and replete with all modern amenities and paraphernalia.